Financially Fit Friday with Linda Lingo/Tracking Your Spending

As most of us know, but many of us ignore, tracking our spending is critical to understanding where our money goes. It’s so easy to spend $5 cash on coffee, or ice cream or $20 for the doctor visit co-pay and not think much of it. However, tracking, especially our cash spending, is required to help us get a real number for our spending. When we know where we are spending, then we can categorize it and start comparing it to our budget.  To help with the tracking effort, I found a great comparison of apps for tracking. Take a look and see what you like. I use mint and think it’s a great tool for the cost (free!).

Happy tracking!

Linda Lingo, Financial Coach

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Linda Lingo

Linda Lingo empowers women to embrace their wealth. She does this with financial coaching and education that helps women take control of their money and plan for the retirement of their dreams so they are confident knowing when they can retire and know that they won't run out of money. For interview or coaching requests contact Linda: