Hi, I'm Linda.

I educate successful women to take control of their money, and plan for the retirement of their dreams so they are confident knowing when they can retire, and secure knowing they won't run out of money.

We all want to retire some day, right? But when? How much will I need? Whether you're just starting the whole process of saving for retirement, or you're a few years from retiring, I know you can relate to some of these worries:

  • Are you anxious about when or if you can retire or if you'll have to take out a reverse mortgage to pay your bills?
  • Do you feel concerned you'll run out of money in retirement and leave the kids nothing?
  • Worried about how much health care costs will be in retirement and afraid of running up your credit cards to pay for it?
  • Unsure about Social Security - when to take it and how much it will be?
  • Embarrassed because you don't understand investments or retirement plans (what the heck are IRA's, Roths, 401(k) plans)?

These are common questions many women ask. We are so busy focused on raising the kids, pursuing a career, and taking care of a significant other, that we haven't focused on ourselves, what we desire in retirement, and how we are going to afford it!

But, this does not have to keep you frozen in fear and doing nothing to start saving for the retirement of your dreams. This could actually be one of the best decisions of your life! Now is the time to visualize your retirement and make a plan to embrace it.

How I Help

Action Oriented Packages to Achieve Your Retirement Dreams

Fast Track Money Spending Planning

Discover the simple secrets to take Control of your finances and tame the beast. This program will help discover hidden sources of money that will help you save for retirement.

Retirement Management Mastery

Prepare to confidently retire knowing that you won't run out of money or become a burden to your family. I'll help you become Confident, Educated and Prepared.

Money Management Mastery

Imagine walking through your beautiful home knowing that your mortgage is paid off.  Feel into the sense of Control & Security you have. It's not impossible, it's closer than you think.


That's GREAT! You Should have questions. I offer everyone a FREE 20 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit and to answer questions.

Liesl Schmidt

What People Say

”Linda is the ultimate professional. She listens to every client's story so she can make recommendations to meet every situations unique needs. Linda is thoughtful, attentive, and strategic. She offers advise then lets the client make the decision within the realm of their comfort zone”

Linda Surpassed my Expectations

“Working with Linda has surpassed my expectations. She takes the time to really know her clients which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are understood but also my comfort level. Transitioning into retirement will be much easier with her guidance.”

Leslie Woodson

About Linda


When I turned 50, I had an OMG moment (Oh My God, how did this happen??)! I had been so busy BEING a wife, mother and career person, that I didn’t take the time to think about what I wanted to be or how I wanted the rest of my life to look.

I have two wonderful children and two (soon to be three) grandchildren. My children are ten years apart, so in some ways they are both “only” children. Besides saving for retirement, I also worked to have a college savings for both of them to partially pay for college. (It is so expensive, but that’s another area to do financial planning.) I adore the way they are both growing into financially savvy adults. I am proud of the fact I have prepared them well in money matters. I love my family and decided I wanted to spend more time with them. Life goes by so fast, I’ve realized I have to be very intentional with how I spend my time. That is why I chose to start my financial coaching business.

When was the last time you took time to DREAM about what you want your retirement to look like? (Or the rest of your life to look like?) Where do you want to spend those “golden” years? What do you want to do? Who will you be with? These are questions we don’t take time to contemplate, because we’re so busy “doing”. As a financial coach for successful women, I use my knowledge and experience to help women take control of their finances. My desire is to educate women so they feel confident and secure with their finances, their goals, and achieving their dreams.

Schedule a free, no obligation conversation with me, Linda. I'll answer your questions, give you some suggestions. If my coaching program is a good fit, great. If not, that's ok too. You deserve the best in your retirement. Schedule 20 minutes with me today.


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