Financially Fit Friday/Take Your Foot Off the Brake: Create The 2018 You Love

As we begin 2018, I’d like to challenge you to “take your foot off the brake” of whatever area in your life you are holding back on. Acknowledge your fear, release the brake, and roar forward! How many of us procrastinate on establishing our Money Spending Plan for the year, or even month, and say next month I’ll work on that budget, or tracking my expenses? Why do we put it off? Maybe, we don’t want to face where we really spend our money: too many lattes, eating out, concerts, travel, gifts, etc.  When we start tracking our expenses (step 1 to establishing your Money Spending Plan), don’t judge yourself, just acknowledge this is where your money is going. Take responsibility for making those decisions and then decide how you want to take control of your finances, establish your budget, and own it! Don’t let fear hold you back, because you can do this! Tracking expenses, establishing a budget and knowing where your money is being spent is very liberating and puts you in the driver’s seat. Let’s take control in 2018!! Set your intentions and TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE BRAKE;  CREATE THE 2018 YOU WILL LOVE!!

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Linda Lingo

Linda Lingo empowers women to embrace their wealth. She does this with financial coaching and education that helps women take control of their money and plan for the retirement of their dreams so they are confident knowing when they can retire and know that they won't run out of money. For interview or coaching requests contact Linda: