Financially Fit Friday/Overthinking Can Sabotage Your Money Management

Did you know, you can sabotage results in any area of your life by overthinking. REALLY???

To understand how and why this is true, think about this: Overthinking gives you the ILLUSION of working at something. Your subconscious thinks, “Hmm, I’m spending so much time and energy on this, I’m actually DOING something about the problem.” But what you’re actually doing is creating a false sense of progress.

For instance, say you’re all gung-ho about getting your finances in order. You read a bunch of books on personal money management, but you never actually get around to doing a budget. Reading the books is giving you a false sense of working on your finances, but the reality is you’re not. I’ve been so guilty of this – read the latest book on money management and not getting around to implementing it. But determining your money spending plan (budget) and implementing it, doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. By developing your money spending plan one step at a time, it is very manageable.

What better time, than the end of 2017, to commit to implementing the techniques and know-how we’ve gathered this year. Let’s commit to doing a money spending plan (budget) for 2018 and start the year out on the right path for accomplishing your money goals!
If you want assistance with your money spending plan, please contact me for coaching in this area.
Happy New Year!

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Linda Lingo

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