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  4 Action Oriented solutions to achieve your retirement dream
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RETIREMENT PLANS 101 - Get your retirement kick started now

Deep dive into the variety of individual and employer retirement plans available, how much you can contribute now and how they fund your retirement. A no risk way to try coaching and learn more about how to start saving for retirement. An incredibly powerful tool that will provide you with financial confidence and set you on your path to saving for the retirement of your dreams

1 Hour  $99.00

Coaching Packages

Fast Track Money Spending

This three module coaching program will give you the foundation to take control of your money so that you can live with financial Confidence.

  • Module 1:  Understanding Your Relationship to Money & Spending Goals and Concerns
  • Module 2:  Expense Tracking/Budgeting
  • Module 3:  Debt Repayment
  • Module 4:  Savings Plan
Retirement Mastery

This six module coaching program will take you by the hand and give you all the tools you need to feel Confident, Educated and Prepared for retirement.

  • Module 1: Retirement Goals and Concerns
  • Module 2:  Current Income and Expense Review
  • Module 3:  Outline Retirement Expenses
  • Module 4: Retirement Savings and Investments
  • Module 5:  Retirement Cash Flow and Longevity
  • Module 6:  Financial Plan Review and Recap
Money Management Mastery

Money Management Mastery is the ultimate retirement solution. This 9 module coaching session includes everything in Fast Track and Retirement Mastery PLUS an investment tutorial.

  • Module 1: Money Spending Goals & Concerns
  • Module 2:  Expense Tracking/Budgeting
  • Module 3:  Debt Repayment & Savings Plan
  • ​Module 4: Retirement Goals and Concerns
  • ​Module 5: Outline Retirement Expenses
  • Module 6: Investment Tutorial
  • Module 7: Savings and Investments
  • Module 8: Retirement Cash Flow & Longevity
  • Module 9: Financial Plan Review and Recap
About Linda

I am a mother of two grown children and grandmother of two, soon to be three, grandchildren. I love the way my kids have grown into financially responsible adults. I started teaching them at an early age the importance of saving and budgeting. I was taught to save at an early age when growing up on a farm in South Dakota. If I wanted anything "extra" growing up, I had to save for it first. There were no credit cards or ATM cards for me! I'm very thankful for that upbringing and use that same philosophy with my children and my clients. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends; working out; gardening; cooking, and reading. I love traveling and have many places on my bucket list I still intend on visiting. 

What People are Saying...

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“Working with Linda has surpassed my expectations. She takes the time to really know her clients which gives me every confidence tat just not my financial goals are understood but also my comfort level. Transitioning into retirement will be much easier with her guidance.”

Leslie Woodson
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


”Linda is the ultimate professional. She listens to every client's story so she can make recommendations to meet every situations unique needs. Linda is thoughtful, attentive, and strategic. She offers advise then lets the client make the decision within the realm of their comfort zone.”

Liesel Schmidt

Is Retirement Coaching Right For You?

Retirement Planning is important for everyone!


This retirement coaching program is for the following successful business woman:

  • You want to make retirement planning a priority.
  • You're not sure when you can retire.
  • You don't know how much you need to save for retirement.
  • You need more information for retirement costs like healthcare.


This coaching program is not for you if:

  • You are confident in your established retirement plan.
  • You know you won't run out of money in retirement.
  • You have money outside your retirement funds to leave your kids.
  • You are secure knowing you are prepared for healthcare costs and own a long term care insurance plan.

There is a much bigger picture to planning a fulfilling and financially secure retirement and your retirement planning coach is here to help, so enjoy the process and enjoy your golden years. You deserve nothing less.


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