About Me

I decided to embark on a career as a Financial Advisor eleven years ago when my male financial advisor said: “investments and retirement planning are too difficult for women to understand, just take my advice and not ask any questions”!!! Needless to say, this did NOT sit well with me. I knew then I had the wrong person as a financial advisor, and I knew I could learn investments and how to do retirement planning. I am a C.P.A. with an MBA in Finance and I have held several corporate positions. After 10 years as a Financial Advisor, I was tired of following the stock market and advising on investments. I decided to “retire” from corporate America and investments, and focus on my passion: coaching women to make educated decisions about their finances. My heart is truly understanding women and where they are stuck regarding their finances, and educating them so they can be on the path to living the retirement of their dreams.
I am strong, wise, healthy, and truly living my dream. (My daughter is also learning to follow her passion.)
I want nothing more than for you to feel this way, too. It’s possible. It’s close. Empowering women is my calling. I do it with insight, compassion, and discipline. You deserve to embrace your wealth with confidence, and peace of mind. You are stronger than you realize.
Let’s get this retirement plan started!
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